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Icelandic Canadian Club of Toronto celebrates 150 years of the Kinmount settlement

It was a beautiful clear day, the air fresh after a tornado had blown through the area two days before. The village of Kinmount and the Icelandic Canadian Club of Toronto had been preparing for weeks to receive the descendants of the Icelanders who had arrived on a cold, wintery day 150 years previously...

Are we there yet? Icelandic women say “No!”

In an online panel discussion facilitated by Iceland’s ambassador to Canada, Hlynur Guðjónsson, and organized by the Canada-Iceland group, feminist leaders from Iceland outlined their views and roles in the furthering of rights for Icelandic women...

Going West! Icelanders settle in Minnesota

Minneota, Minnesota – a little dot on the map in southwestern Minnesota. In reality, what would become Minneota (it was Nordland until 1878) was little more than a Winona & St. Peter Railroad water tower and a post office built in 1872...

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