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Þór Jakobsson among 12 recipients of the Order of the Falcon

Photo: Bryndís Eva Jónsdóttir


Canadian-born meteorologist Þór Jakobsson was one of twelve Icelanders who received the Order of the Falcon from the President of Iceland, Guðni Th. Jóhannesson, on New Year’s Day. Þór received the award for his contributions to the field of environmental science and the dissemination of knowledge.
Þór was born in Wynyard, Saskatchewan, the son of Rev. Jakob Jónsson and Þóra Einarsdóttir, while his father was serving as minister of both the Wynyard Federated Church (Unitarian) and Immanúel Lutheran Church.  . . .


My heritage

Photo: Stefan Jonasson

Author:W.D. Valgardson, Victoria, BC

Our heritage is vast. It covers more than a thousand years. It rests not just in Iceland, but in many countries – Norway, Denmark, Sweden, the British Isles, even North America before we called it North America.
Some elements mean more than others to each of us.  . . .


Iceland’s first prime minister took office a century ago

Source: althingi.is

Author: Stefan Jonasson

An important milestone on Iceland’s road to independence was achieved on January 4, 1917, when Jón Magnússon became Iceland’s first prime minister leading a multi-member cabinet. Prior to this, during the Home Rule era beginning in 1904, Iceland was governed by a single Minister of Iceland, who was resident in Reykjavík and accountable to Alþingi, but who was also a member of the Danish cabinet. All three ministers in Jón’s cabinet were formally designated “Minister of Iceland” and members of the Danish cabinet until November 30, 1918, after which the Home Rule era came to an end and Iceland became a sovereign country.  . . .




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