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Þorrablót launches 50th anniversary of the Icelandic Canadian Club of Western Manitoba

Photo: Gloria Hill, Garnet Shearer, and Nukte Edguer

Author: Dennis Oleson, Brandon, MB

The Icelandic Canadian Club of Western Manitoba, celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2017, held what is believed to be their 50th Þorrablót on Saturday, April 29. The Þorrablót was held at the Seniors for Seniors Activity Centre in Brandon, Manitoba, with the center staff and volunteers catering.
This year, the event was attended by 68 very important persons, one of whom was the Manitoba Minister of Sport, Culture and Heritage, the Honourable Rochelle Squires, who brought a message of congratulations for our efforts on behalf of Western and other Icelanders over the past 50 years. We sincerely appreciated Rochelle taking the time to come and be with us and share in our Þorrablót.  . . .


Ten receive Honorary Lifetime Memberships from the INLNA

Photo: Karen Botting


Ten individuals were recognized with Honorary Lifetime Memberships in the Icelandic National League of North America at the organization’s annual convention in Grand Forks, North Dakota, on May 5, 2017. The recipients were recognized at the opening night award ceremony on the Friday evening of the convention.
Brad Hirst and Beverly Arason-Gaudet emceed the evening, which included addresses by INLNA president Sunna Furstenau and retired Þjóðræknisfélag Íslendinga (INL Iceland) president Halldór Árnason. Sunna and the new INL Iceland president, Hjálmar W. Hannesson, then signed the new partnership agreement between the partner organizations, after which the INLNA quilt was ceremonially retired and its replacement, the new INLNA banners, were introduced. Ashlin Nelson of Austin, Texas, and Brittney Gratton of Grand Forks, North Dakota, were recognized as this year’s recipients of the Convention Registration Award, which encourages participation in INLNA conventions by the emerging generation of Icelandic North Americans.  . . .


Jón Sigurðsson, the Icelandic patriot: Part 1

Photo: Cindy Jonasson 2010


Jón Sigurðsson is without exception the greatest man that Iceland has produced in modern times and, though search be made in a wider field, he still remains a rare example of a true patriot – a man who in spite of limited means, narrow surroundings and countless difficulties, by his own unaided energy and indomitable perseverance, did his country inestimable service. If all that he has spoken, written and done, in a word, if the whole effects of his remarkable career were obliterated, what a blank would be left in the history of our country. The chief details of the life of this notable man, who marks a new period in our history, are as follows.
Jón Sigurðsson was born at Eyri in Arnarfjörður (Rafnseyri) on the 17th of June 1811. His father, the Rev. Dean Sigurður Jónsson, is described as a man of average abilities, of somewhat rugged temper, but energetic and earnest, sincerely pious, conscientious in the discharge of duties, and hardworking. His mother, Þórdís, is said to have been an excellent woman endowed with considerable abilities and much good sense.  . . .




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