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Photo: Lisa Lewis

Two Icelandic Manitobans were among the twelve individuals who were honoured with the Order of Manitoba at an investiture ceremony at the Legislative Building of Manitoba on Thursday, July 20, 2023. John Einarson and Janice Johnson were recognized for their unique contributions to the province, along with ten others whose contributions reflect a broad range of endeavours and accomplishments.  . . 

Photo: Shirley J. Olgeirson Author: Susan Sigurdson, Fargo, ND
The 124th annual 2nd of August Icelandic Celebration was held August 4 through 6 in Mountain, ND. The celebration is North Dakota’s oldest ethnic celebration.
The 2nd of August Icelandic Celebration, or “The Deuce” as it is frequently called by American Icelanders in our area, refers to August 2, 1874, the day Iceland received an improved (though imperfect) new constitution, . . .

Photo: Public Domain Author:Ainsley Bloomer, Winnipeg, MB
When I taught Old Norse mythology, some people thought I was teaching the sagas. People have heard more about the sagas than the eddas, and when I told them I was teaching the eddas, not the sagas, there was a clueless look on some people’s faces. And the question came: What are the eddas? . . .

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