#22, November 15, 2022

Author: Karen Botting, Winnipeg, MB

The Snorri ProgramsTwenty-two young men and women – seventeen from Canada and five from the United States –ventured off to Iceland this past summer as a part of the Snorri Program. This larger than usual group included those whose trips were cancelled in 2020 and 2021 because of the pandemic.

“The Snorri Program is a unique summer program in Iceland for Canadians and Americans of Icelandic descent between the ages of 20 and 30. Participants learn, grow, build relationships, and have unforgettable experiences over the course of five weeks. This includes 2 weeks of cultural and language education in Reykjavik, a 2-week homestay with a family and a volunteer work placement, as well as a one-week adventure tour seeing the best Iceland has to offer.” This description can be found on the Snorri website.

As Elva Simundsson, chair of the Canada Iceland Foundation, says: “In my opinion, the Snorri Program is one of the best opportunities our Icelandic Canadian community has to energize our young adults. Virtually every Snorri alumni we speak to tells us what a life-changing experience it was and how they come back with a new sense of who they are. This is the life blood of our future leaders in our communities.”

The Canada Iceland Foundation Incorporated (CIFI) started a designated “Snorri Fund” last year within its holdings with two nice donations. CIFI would like to build that fund and it is accepting donations. The cost of the Snorri Program is high, especially for our young people who are trying to save for university or just starting out in their careers. Monetary help may make the difference for those who may not be able to afford the costs. Elva continues: “We need these enthusiastic young people back in our clubs, chapters, and cultural events.”

Those who attended the Snorri Program were invited to send photos and write about their Icelandic adventure in Lögberg-Heimskringla. Each also received an online subscription to L-H.

Our first writer is Owen Roberts of Arnes, Manitoba. He has also shared a link to a 5-minute profile of the Snorri Program during their visit to the Westfjords that appeared on the RÚV television program Sumarlandabrot. Check it out!

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Link – https://www.ruv.is/sjonvarp/spila/sumarlandabrot/32693/9np3jb?fbclid=IwAR3U2mLDDi98KY3XnUItTuHiLm0ND8LGZAH6j90-vG0KVySTWW5SR0iqk6U

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