Photo courtesy of Jack Plumley Author: John (Jack) Plumley, Calgary, AB

Embarking on my second journey to Iceland, I eagerly began my Snorri Internship on July 3rd. Fresh from the transformative cultural immersion of the Snorri program just one year ago, stepping back into Reykjavík that morning felt like reuniting with an old friend.  . . .

Photo:courtesy of the Icelandic Canadian Club of Toronto

The Icelandic Canadian Club of Toronto’s Saga Connections will feature Kingston author Julie Salverson in a live webinar on Thursday, February 22, 2024, at 7:30 p.m. Eastern Time. Julie will speak about her book Lines of Flight: An Atomic Memoir . .. Subscribe to read more!

Image courtesy of Salín Guttormsson

Author: Salín Guttormsson, Winnipeg, MB

January 17, 1995: Dr. Pétur Guttormsson, age 95, passed on and a large chunk of his ephemera was passed on to his son, Thor. December 13, 2000: Thor, age 72, passed on and the large chunk was passed on to me, his daughter, Salín. September 2023: I am still sorting through it all . . . Subscribe to read more!

Photo:courtesy of Sverrir Sigurdsson
Sverrir Sigurdsson, Vienna, VA

An ordinary Icelandic farmer is nothing but extraordinary. Farming is challenging anywhere in the world. But in Iceland, coaxing greenery from this land of volcanic rubble, faced with the constant threat of fresh eruption and glacial flooding, plus a maximum . . . Subscribe to read more!

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