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The Jon Sigurdsson Chapter of the IODE presented fifteen scholarships this year to sixteen recipients at a program held November 8, at the Betelstadur Housing Co-op in Winnipeg. Approximately 90 people attended.

The Leif Eiriksson Icelandic Club of Calgary gratefully acknowledges the
donations received to ensure a very successful convention.

Download this file (19.pdf)89th Annual Convention[ ]6392 kB

This year’s Núna (now) festival, the second annual convergence of Icelandic and Canadian art events, looked good on paper. Here, in diary form, are the answers, day by day and event by event. Hopefully it will give those who were unable to attend the events a good idea of what went on.

The Núna (Now) festival of Icelandic and Canadian art found its purest expression in the Collage Party, a four-day event in which artists gather to make collages, or else to paint, draw, sculpt or what-have-you, without any thought of exhibition or evaluation at the end. This frees the artists up to do whatever they might like.

Carol Guriur Blyth, Program Chair

The 2008 INL convention will be a highlight of Icelandic Week in Calgary!

You are invited to join us, to participate in an exciting program and to enjoy our famous Calgary hospitality! The Westin Hotel offers fine, affordable facilities and has been extremely cooperative with us as we plan our convention.

Download this file (22.pdf)INL 2008 Convention[ ]302 kB
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