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A conversation with Ólafur Arnalds

Donald Gislason

Ólafur Arnalds is a 22-year-old
native of Mossfellsbaer, outside
Reykjavík, with a career that
would be the envy of most musicians of
his age.

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A chat with Valgeir Sigurðsson

Behind the board with one of Iceland’s premiere music producers

Donald Gislason

Composer and sound engineer Valgeir Sigurðsson is perhaps best
known for his studio collaborations with Björk, with whom he worked on the soundtrack for Lars von Trier’s 1998 film Dancer in the Dark, and on her subsequent albums Vespertine and Medúlla.

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A fine Mystery

California-based author Christina
Sunley has recently released her first novel, The Tricking of Freya, which is set largely in Gimli and explores many of the issues associated with Icelandic
heritage. She took time out from her busy book tour to speak with L-H.

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Another triumphant “Evening of Lights”

The 2009 Ljósanótt was good times for all

Another Ljósanótt has come and
gone. The annual celebration
has now marked its sophomore
year, and the tribute dinner this year, held at Winnipeg’s Hotel Fort Garry on the evening of January 31, was by most accounts an unqualified success.

IODE Scholarship Presentations 2009

Betelstaður was the site for the
annual presentation of scholarships awarded by the
Jon SigurdssonChapter IODE

on Saturday, November 14, 2009.

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