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Photo: Harold Jonasson Brandon MB skyline, 2008
The date of the 93rd annual convention is getting closer. The program offers sufficient diversity and information to promote the theme, Embracing our Icelandic Culture.

Currently we have the following topics and presenters as part of the overall program:
Alanna Odegard – Perspectives of a Canadian living in Iceland
Ásta Sól Kristjansdóttir/Halldór Árnason – The Snorri Program
Brad Hirst – Icelandic Camp
Donald K. Johnson – Current Financial Situation in Iceland
George Freeman –Genealogy
Harley Jonasson – Icelandic River Heritage Sites Project
Nelson Gerrard – Silent Flashes
Peter Bjornson / Tammy Axelsson – Rock Cairns-connecting North America and Iceland
Ryan Eyford – It seems so far to Iceland: The Correspondence of the Taylor sisters, 1880-1930
W.D.Valgardson – What the Bear Said

To launch the convention there will be a Meet and Greet on Thursday evening. As you enjoy the snacks, including local Icelandic food, you will be surrounded by friends, old and new. Unless, of course, you are captured by the Vikings.

So, what is different this year? Well things have changed. The Huldufólk in Brandon have been asked to keep the expenses down and to be sensitive to the “affordability” issue.

So the registration costs are down but the facilities should be ideal. And the program looks exciting.The cost of accommodation is down but the rooms are great. A full breakfast from the menu is included in the price of the room.

Of course, the food is still expensive but we have the privilege of serving local Icelandic foods for several events.The vendors and displayers should receive lots of traffic during the convention because they will be in the same room as the health breaks, adjacent to the main conference room.

Although we have trimmed some of the expenses, we hope, with your help, to continue the good fellowship, the collaboration, the laughter and the sense of community that previous conventions have offered. Hopefully, we will do all this while embracing our Icelandic culture.You, no doubt, will be pleased and impressed with the local Icelandic talent that we have arranged for your enjoyment.

Following the Friday, May 4, opening ceremonies we will have the privilege of being entertained by Deb Patterson from Núna presenting the play, Sargent and Victor.

The entertainment following the Saturday, May 5 banquet includes more Manitoba talent, Heather Jonasson, flutist and Ari Jacobson, crooner.

We invite you to join us on this exciting journey. Let this convention act as a catalyst to awaken your memories and to stir your emotions.

For four days in May, 2012 we will visit the past and contemplate the future. We will embrace our friends and develop new relationships. We will remember our ancestors and we will set a good example for our descendents. Indeed, we will embrace our Icelandic culture.

Are you ready to register? Information about registration and accommodation is available from your local INL of NA Chapter, the INL of NA website and Facebook page.Please watch for more information and updates in future issues of this paper and the INL of NA website and Facebook page.

Harold and Norma Jonasson, co-chairs: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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