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Almar Grímsson

It is said that change is good for the soul and at Lögberg-Heimskringla we are changing with the initiation of a new team within the editorial production of the newspaper.

This team will be headed by the Chief Editor assisted by a group of Associate Editors from various regions of the Icelandic communities throughout North America and Iceland. The Associate Editors from west to east are Gerri McDonald, Vancouver BC; Judy Wilson, Nanaimo BC; Margret Grisdale, Calgary AB; Karen Botting, Winnipeg MB; Joel Fridfinnson, Winnipeg, MB; Rosalind Vigfusson, Arborg MB; Rob Olason, Bellingham WA; Pam Olafson Furstenau, Fargo ND and  Almar Grímsson, Hafnafjörður Iceland.

We have also embarked on a recruitment drive to complement the current cadre of writers who write for the L-H with the regular columns and articles that are enjoyed by our subscribers and readers. The responses we are receiving are positive so we will have more coverage in the L-H from more of the Icelandic communities.

The first Icelandic settlers arriving in Manitoba set up in order of importance: a hand-written newsletter for circulation, a school for educating the children, and a church for their religious needs. With the strong tradition of literacy among people of Icelandic descent, it is important to continue this legacy by moving forward with new ideas and methods to uphold and improve what is believed to be the oldest continuously published ethnic newspaper in North America. We hope that this approach will increase our circulation and carry this longevity forward into the next several decades and beyond.

The Associate Editor program is one of community outreach to ensure that all Icelandic communities are represented in the pages of
Lögberg-Heimskringla. These Associate Editors will provide L-H with greater visibility in the various communities throughout North America where there are significant numbers of people of Icelandic descent who cherish their heritage and wish to strengthen the cultural bonds between each other and Iceland. Associate Editors will be directly engaged in coordinating with good writers and contributors from their region to expand the coverage in L-H and to provide good quality, accurate material in a timely manner that will be invaluable to the Chief Editor in planning and preparing each issue for publication.

Further, by expanding the number of writers who contribute articles it is hoped that we can stock the freezer, so to speak, so that when the cupboard is bare, the Chief Editor will have a reserve of articles to draw upon. There are many stories, tales and adventures that are historical or just day-to-day happenings that are often overlooked because it is felt that they are not of importance. The recent death of a young pilot, Trevor Jonasson, brought our attention to how often we only read a factual obituary of an individual who has contributed so much to the community but that life well lived is not given the tribute richly deserved. In the last issue, the death of a former Editor of L-H suggested that we memorialize her legacy in this way.

There are stories everywhere and all that is needed to bring them to light is a fresh eye, a new perspective, and a few well-chosen words to tell the story in a manner that is interesting to our readers.

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