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He describes himself this way - “a grey haired Icelandic musician football-loving father that loves coffee”.

He’s also many other things. He is a skateboarder and a visual artist, painting almost as a form of meditation.

I have no idea how old he is. He doesn’t seem to talk about it, and I couldn’t find out from any other source that I read.

I have an idea that to Sindri Már Sigfússon, it just doesn’t matter. However, I wonder about his description of grey hair. No matter how many pictures I have seen, I can’t see even one grey hair. Maybe only his hairdresser knows for sure.

He frequently re-invents himself. In the beginning, he was the creator and lead singer of the band Seabear, which formed in the year 2000 and recorded its first album in 2007, “The Ghost that Carried us Away.” What started as a solo project by Sindri, ended up being a band with 6 members. They have done two USA/Canada tours. Perhaps because his record label is based in Germany, there is a huge following for Sindri’s music there. In an email interview with L-H, Sindri said that “Germans, I think, are just really good concert goers.”

Concurrently, Sindri Már began a solo recording career as Sin Fang Bous. His first album was “Clangour”. It is a fascinating CD, recorded in 2008. Sindri’s music is also available on the digital market from places like iTunes or Amazon. Surprisingly, Sindri also releases his recordings in vinyl. He admits that he only buys vinyl personally, and feels that it is making a comeback. About “Clangour” Sindri said “When I was doing the first album, I didn’t really know where I wanted to go with it, and I was experimenting a lot while I was recording, and really just making it up as I recorded it.” He played every instrument himself. He plays the guitar and piano regularly, but says that if you know those two instruments “you can play lots of other things like ukulele, bass, keyboards, xylophones, and banjo”.He also adds percussion. Additionally, he works as a producer, and as he said “I noodle around with the songs a lot in the computer before I release them.” So, there is a lot of over-dubbing and the creation of some unusual sounds on the album. Sindri’s voice is wonderful. There is no harshness to it. It has a very mysterious and haunting sound. On this album cover, Sindri wears a false beard made out of multi-coloured strips.

His second album came out in March of this year, and is entitled “Summer Echoes.” It is a very different work in many ways. He decided to drop the name Bous, and recorded it under the name Sin Fang. PIaying live has shaped the second album. In fact, he toured in North America, opening for his friends in the Icelandic band múm. He appeared at Winnipeg’s annual Icelandic-Canadian festival núna (now) in 2009. So, on “Echoes” you hear some guest players and backup singers. Again, his voice forms the basis for an often eerie, always mysterious, set of songs. And, he changed his “beard” to a set of doilies made by his girlfriend and mother, sewn together. He is already working on a third album, recording with Alex Somers, who is associated with the famous Icelandic band Sigur Rós.

Sindri writes his songs in different ways. Sometimes he composes on the guitar or the piano, or comes up with a singing melody and builds the song around it. When he first took guitar lessons at age 19, he preferred making up his own songs rather than learning the songs the teacher asked of him.

He most frequently records in a small basement recording studio, which he shares with his father’s photography studio. However, he has recorded in many places – very professional studios, and very unprofessional. “Both are fun!” Sindri adds.

In discussing the music scene in Iceland, Sindri said “It’s very small here so most of the people in bands know each other and help each other out.” He feels that Icelandic musicians think about the music first, and that there is very little competition among them.
Sindri was born in Reykjavík. The family moved to Sweden when he was two years old, returning to Iceland when he was nine. Luckily, Sindri Már was born into a family that encouraged him to be creative. He decided when he was very young that he was going to be a painter, and was completely accepted. As Sindri said, “Looking back now, I’m very appreciative of all the support I got from my family. I never felt that being an artist was any worse than being a lawyer or any other “proper” job.”

His visual art is an important part of his life as well. He has worked with a variety of mediums. Currently using watercolours, he has also used acrylic, oil, coloured pencils, coffee, wood, and other media to do his painting. “I like to mix things up and see what happens,” Sindri said.. He has about two shows a year, and sells most of his paintings. He has also done design work on his album covers, in collaboration with his girlfriend. While he is painting, he loves to listen to music – other peoples’, not his own!

Sindri Már has a presence on almost every social media site on the Internet, including Facebook, Twitter, and tumblr. He isn’t hard to find. Look him up sometime. He often has samples of his work on these sites, and on his website, which is I truly enjoy everything about him – his music, his personality, and all his quirks. And yet, in the email interview, he showed himself to be a very nice guy as well.                   

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