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Fusing her formal music training with informal studies in painting, photography and business, Katrina Anderson founded both Gallery Fontana Swing (2010) and Yellow Dog Music (1990) an alternative teaching studio in 2010.

Both the Gallery and Yellow Dog proudly offer to established and emerging artists, musicians, writers, nurturing environments where they can perform, showcase or study under the guidance of supportive mentors who share the mandate of being open to all ideas, big or small, traditional or contemporary, black, white and all shades in between.

Gallery Fontana Swing is an exhibition and live music performance space located in the heart of Toronto’s Studio District. A light-drenched loft gallery, it is ideal for art shows, concerts, photo/film shoots, literary events, lectures or private functions. The Gallery also serves as Katrina’s home and working studio space. 

Ever since Katrina can remember, she’s wanted to live in an art gallery. When she discovered that some people live in lofts, instead of traditional houses, she tucked the idea into her imagination, but never thought it would one day become a reality, her reality – she would not only live in a loft, but her loft would also be a gallery. Her own gallery.  Gallery Fontana Swing.

She says, “My loft home/gallery is the most perfect place I’ve ever lived. It fits all of me, both inside and out. It is the one living space that provides for and supports key elements that are essential to my happiness, most importantly, astonishing light, and wide-open space. It fits my art studio, my grand piano, my books and even my indoor swing.

On any given day my ‘home’ can transform from sanctuary into a work studio where I can paint, write, play piano, shoot photos, or teach students to do all those things themselves. And when it is not being used for personal or teaching purposes, it can become a space where friends and family can gather and enjoy art exhibitions, live concerts, book readings, lectures, etc.

I say, ‘can become’ because it is only used for such public events when I feel like that is something I want to do. I think that to me, this is one of my biggest successes where this space is concerned. I can live in this loft and protect it as my home, my sanctuary, but I can also at any moment, turn it into a commercial space – one that supports my career; allows me to give to the arts community and support fellow artists/writers; helps me to afford to live in such a glorious space in the heart of one of the most creative, artistic neighbourhoods in Toronto.” 

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