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For over 30 years the Icelandic Language and Culture Camp has been responsible for inspiring and encouraging children of Icelandic descent to learn more about their culture.

Before this year’s Icelandic Camp began many changes had taken place. First of all, a new name and logo was introduced. We are now known as Icelandic Camp Íslenskar Sumarbúðir.

You can view our new logo online at You can also see our new line of clothing that includes t-shirts, golf shirts and hats.

We also created an executive committee consisting of parents, counsellors and management staff. This committee has been integral in helping promote and run this year’s camp. I want to thank everyone on this committee for all their hard work. We also have many sponsors to thank. Anyone who would like to see who our sponsors are can read the complete list online.

On July 25, 2010, 28 children of Icelandic ancestry descended upon Íslenskar Sumarbúðir to learn about Iceland and their heritage. They were met by four counsellors: Kenley Kristofferson, Britany Maguet, Guðmundur Hafliðason and Samantha Thorvaldson.

When the campers were all settled and assembled for their first meal they were introduced to their Activities Director Christine Schimnowski and the Camp Director Brad Hirst. As the children made their way through the lunch line they met Laura and Maria Bear, the camp cooks for the first half of the camp.

The campers were placed into four different groups: Oðin, Þor, Freya and Baldur. Throughout the week these groups learned how to carry on a conversation in Icelandic, they read sagas about the Norse Gods, sang Icelandic songs, cooked pönnukökur, and learned about some of Iceland’s most famous people.

The campers visited Gimli three times during the week. Once for ice cream and the other two for educational purposes. On these treks they were able to visit the New Iceland Heritage Museum, the famous Viking Statue, the Gimli municipal hall, see Snorri and Snæbjorn and watch a mock Viking battle. Not only were the campers busy with these activities but they were also able to enjoy the traditional camp activities such as swimming and having bonfires.

Next years camp is slated for Sunday July 24 to Friday July 29. Be sure to keep visiting our website at or contact Brad Hirst at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information and updates.

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