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The 35th annual “Walk to the Rock”, held in lovely weather, attracted 50 students and 10 adults, mostly members of the Gimli Icelandic Canadian Society.

The Grade Six class from the Gimli Middle Years School joined the group and were welcomed by Lorna Tergesen, President of the Gimli Icelandic Canadian Society.

Connie Magnusson gave a short overview of the settlers landing at Willow Point in 1875. The students, directed by their teacher, Pam Einarson, read the poem “Arrival at Willow Point” by Don Martin. This received resounding applause. Carly Welham, a fifth generation descendant of the mother who gave birth to the first child in New Iceland, placed a rose at the rock in memory of the pioneers.

From here the group gathered at the New Iceland Museum for hot chocolate and cookies. Executive Director of the Museum, Tammy Axelsson, welcomed everyone and introduced a film Skaftáreldar about the devastating 1783 eruption in Iceland. The day proved to be not only a memorial to the pioneers but also an educational experience for all who attended.

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