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Photo courtesy of Gloria Krenbrenk

Author: Gloria Krenbrenk, Edmonton, AB

W.D. Valgardson’s recent article, “Breaking Into Farming,” brought to mind the struggles of my great-grandparents and their amazing progress in Canada. The following is taken from Kristine Goodman’s book Six Little Olafsons, published in 2008 for family and friends. This is the story of her grandparents, homesteaders in the Vatnabyggð area south of Leslie, Saskatchewan.
Sigmar Sigurðsson (later Sigmar Sigurdson in Canada), a fisherman, and Kristín Þorsteinsdóttir were married in 1898 in Iceland. Their baby son, Magnús, died on the trip to Canada. Their only other child, daughter Magnea, was born July 7, 1900 at Ottawa, Ontario, as the family made their way to Mountain, North Dakota, where they stayed for a couple of years. Sigmar received his Canadian naturalization certificate in January 1903.  . . .




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